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Logistics & Shipping

Logistics & Shipping

Industry Overview

The Logistics and shipping Services Market is one of the fastest growing markets in India. Logistics and shipping services can be described as courier services, freight forwarding, third party logistics (3PL) and reverse logistics. There are many factors that contribute to the growth of the courier market; the private telecom sector and the financial institutions dependence on courier and seasonal business upsurge due to occasions like Christmas and other major holidays are the key drivers.

Growth in auto & auto components sector and retail sector are major factors which have affected the growth of the 3PL market. Reverse logistics is primarily affected by the need for quick turn around and crediting for returns management for retailers. The prevalence of electronic apps on phones and tablets has enhanced shoppers ability to purchase anytime which positively affects both couriers and reverse logistics. Domestic freight market is expected to grow considerably provided freight companies diversify their business to other logistic segments.

The Indian supply chain industry is poised at a crossroads along its growth trajectory. This is particularly important at this juncture in light of the ongoing global economic uncertainty that has been impacting the Indian market to an extent. However, driven by strong fundamentals and consistent demand, the resilient Indian economy in general and, the logistics sector in particular, are seemingly well-positioned to sail through turbulent global waters.

Amrit Consultancy being a leading Logistics and shipping recruitment service provider in India,we help in providing best jobs in logistics and supply chain industry for our clients across the world.

Our Logistics and Shipping Recruitment practice help its clients achieve substantial, positive, and sustainable impact in their performance by helping them in Recruitment of the best available talent. The practice serves clients across the industry vertical, including :

  • Air & Courier Surface Transport
  • Trucking Shipping
  • Ocean Integrated 3 PL Logistics

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