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Industry Overview

Over the last two decades, rising internet and mobile phone penetration has changed the way people communicate and do business. E-commerce is relatively a novel concept. It is, at present, heavily leaning on the internet and mobile phone revolution to fundamentally alter the way businesses reach their customers. While in countries such as the US and China, e-commerce has taken significant strides to achieve sales of over 150 billion USD in revenue, the industry in India is, still at its infancy. However over the past few years, the sector has grown by almost 35% CAGR from ~ US$ 4 billion USD in 2009 to an estimated US$ 20 billion now.

India is expected to become the worlds fastest growing e-commerce market on the back of robust investment activity in the sector and the rapid increase in internet users. It is expected that India’s e-commerce market will grow to over US$ 100 billion by 2020.

Industry studies indicate that online travel dominates the e-commerce industry with an estimated 50% of the market share. However, e-retail in both its forms; online retail and market place, has become the fastest-growing segment, increasing its share from 10% in 2009 to almost 30-40% now.

E-tailers are betting on more Indians switching to shopping online, with a projection of 200 million new consumers by 2017.

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